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When I was young, I remember my Aunt Vickie pinching my cheeks until they hurt. I would swat her hand away, trying to protect my poor pink face. I can still remember the look in her eyes when she did it, and I remember thinking that she must be crazy. The other day while photographing little Gavin, I felt that familiar look spread across my face. Yes, I was going to do it too, I was going to pinch those cheeks! I had to. I reached down and pinched those chubby little cheeks, and I laughed. I can’t get enough of them. I guess I have come full circle in a mere 30 years.

I have been photographing children a little more these days. It’s really challenging to get them to do what you want. You can’t really tell them to “act natural,” unless, of course, you are this little guy. Check him out driving his car. It’s like he’s been driving for years.

One word to describe Gavin: ham.

gavin1 gavin2

  • Briony - what a beautiful little doll baby…that second pic is so sweet!

  • Gina - Seriously, how could you not pinch those cheeks? So cute.

  • Kim Seidl - you’re kind by only wanting to pinch. my first instinct is to take out a bite! he’s so cute! these are all great.

    that last lower right pic is hilarious- he already looks like an old man driving.. “bah! get outta my way young-ins!”

  • Grandma - Hi Kim, Thank you for taking such adorable pictures of our little guy. We think he is pretty cute, too!

  • Sharon - “`Gavin you are too darn cute, you sure are not shy in front of the camera. Your second driving picture looks like your checking out a 2 year old blonde. Great pictures!

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