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Monthly Archives: December 2008

What a year it’s been! I look back on the past 365 days and can’t help but feel like I might miss it a bit. I attended many amazing weddings, met lots of interesting people in love, took some road trips, and a few vacations…yep, it was a good year! To sum up 08′,  I thought I would share my favorite photos of the year.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a MAGICAL 2009!!!

Derrick + Jingying | engagement session | Gasworks Park, Seattle WA: This is my number 1 favorite of the year. The sky was so awesome that day. I like pictures with small people and a lot of enviornment around them. I used some photoshop actions on this bad boy: “cross-processed 1” at 50% and “warm it up kris” at 20%.

Jeff + Valerie’s wedding | Moclips, WA.: I like this one for a variety of reasons… the moment captured, the feeling it gives me, most of all, that fog. It was thick! Can you even tell the water is right in front of them?

Casey on a random ferry: Yeah, he’s my husband, and maybe that’s why I love this photo… but he is really hard to get a good photo of. He is always joking around and making faces, but this one is real. I feel like it captures his (very small) serious side. I love him.

Venus + Ricky | Post-wedding shoot | Downtown Seattle, WA. : Amazing light that day! These two were so into taking photos- I love that! They told me they were shy in front of the camera. :) Um, I don’t think so.

Another Venus + Ricky | Downtown Seattle | Olympic Sculpture Park: How gorgeous is she? I love the branches across her face and the light in this one.

Caiti + Robby’s wedding | Seattle WA.: A pretty average walking down the aisle shot, but I love it none the less. These two were so awesome! They were really uncomfortable getting their photo taken (like most people are) but this was right after they said their “I do’s.” They were totally unaware of my camera shoved in their faces. :)

Carissa + Greggor’s Wedding | Seattle WA.: It was seriously they hottest day of the year that day. I was dripping sweat while the girls got ready-real cute Kim. (Seattle has a very small amount of air conditioners- you only need them twice a year) The bride was also dripping sweat… so what’s a maid of honor to do? Fan her! I love the look of pure joy on her face as she is cooled by the fan. Hilarious.

My Pip on a chair in my office: I couldn’t decide which one was better. I love them both for different reasons. We adopted Pip, and for some reason she always looks really sad and abused in photos. Casey + I always call it her “kennel face”- it’s the face she would make if she was trying to get you to adopt her. She has perfected this look. These photos make her look totally relaxed and adorable. Okay, she always looks adorable. This dog is my constant companion, and she can read my mind. Can your dog do that?

Picnic Point Park | Edmonds, WA.: right before a big storm… it was almost totally dark outside. Hardly any photoshop- just a little contrast boost. I love the colors and the quietness of this photo.

Ocean Shores, WA : I had just gotten my tilt shift lens and I was loving it. Plus, it was a totally bizarre scene to begin with; weird tree right on the water on the beach. This sort of reminds me of one of my favorite photographers Keith Carter.

Between Ocean Shores + Moclips, WA: The fog was too good to pass up. We pulled over on the side of the road w/ the tilt shift. It reminds me of my favorite series of books, Twilight. I can’t believe I just announced that publicly.

Keith + Lisa’s wedding | Port Gamble, WA: It’s no secret that I love to watch people dance. I especially love watching a grandma and some groomsmen freak on the dance floor. I was laughing hysterically, I can’t believe I got it in focus.

Carissa + Greg’s Wedding | Seattle WA. : Any couple who loves their dog enough to put em’ in their wedding photos is okay in my book. Olive was adorable and stole the show. I was actually a tad embarrassed on the amount of Olive photos I took on their wedding day, but they loved it.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico: I think this made the list purely on the fact that I wish I was still laying on that beach and that i shot it with my tilt shift. :)

  • Kim Seidl - love the wrap up! you’ve taken some hot pics this year, lady!

    and not that there aren’t a bunch of those lifeguard things, but i think i stayed about 50 ft to the left of where you were standing :)

  • sean - you’re so good! happy new year.

  • Pamela Riley - Kim,

    I found your fantastic website and want to say “Hello” from your Aunt Pamela. It has been so many years since I’ve seen you but I would have known your face anywhere! You look so happy and full of life…I’m happy for you. Good Luck to you and your family…always.


Each year our Christmas card gets more and more ridiculous. This one definitely takes the cake. Casey even grew out a special mustache for the occasion.

If you didn’t receive one in the mail, here’s our e-card to you:


The Hayes family wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!

  • Gina - I loved this card! There is nothing cooler than turtle necks with sweatshirts!

  • Jess - I love that Casey’s hair looks like it isn’t really combed, especially in that back part. Those sweatshirts are awesome.

  • sean - casey is blowing my mind with that turtle neck.

  • Deann B. - Those sweatshirts!! OMG… you should totally use this as your bio pic… You are the awesome-est. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Amanda - This is so funny Kim! I want to put you guys on some farm far away from here!

  • c - I look marvelous. Seriously.

Well, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Truthfully I didn’t bleed, sweat, or cry (ok, maybe a little bit) but I did pour a ton of work into it… I had to cut myself off at some point, I could have worked on this for months. I will add more galleries at some point soon… but after Christmas. I want to enjoy my favorite time of the year a little bit. :)

So here it is, the brand new website!!!

  • Kim Seidl - it’s gorgeous!! i loves it! great job, kim!!!

  • claire - it is wonderful!!

    who did you use for your site??

  • Deann B. - I meant to drop you a note a few days ago and let you know that your new site looks great! I *love* those images you used for your splash… they are some of my all-time favorite of your work. I can’t wait until you get the other site going too!