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dreaming of summer

Pip curled up with her tennis ball today and dreamt of summer.  

Every time I passed the guest bedroom this afternoon, she was sprawled out on the bed with a forlorn look on her face and her ball at her side.   I think she was hoping that the tennis ball would bring out the sun.  No such luck.  

I too am dreaming of summer, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!!  

dreaminpippy pipball pippy

Lincoln refused to be left out of this blog post.  Just because he doesn’t love tennis ball’s doesn’t mean he can’t strike a cute pose.


  • erin - Ahhh the babies! I think they want to get some pics taken with their Mama :)

  • Briony - they are adorable!

  • Jess - Can Pip possibly be more adorable? I don’t think so. Such a sweet girl!

  • claire - awww, it does look like she’s missing summer. poor pup! i love that series. awesome light.

  • Noelle - i WISH i had some beautiful light coming into my rooms! so sweet

  • Heather - Awww, Pip does look sad. She is adorable with her tennis ball though. Those two couldn’t be any cuter.

  • sean - too effing cute

  • casey - Great shots. Pip looks sad because she’s seen Twilight 12 times.

  • lidia flanigan - i want to take your dogs on a walk. too cute!! :)

  • Kim Seidl - you need to post something new, cuz this one keeps making me sad!

  • todd pellowe - i love how your dog has the tennis ball in several different positions… please warm up so I can fetch.

  • Kate - You have a black lab that doesn’t like tennis balls? Crazy! I adore these beautiful photos. All of your work, in fact. But I do have a special soft spot for the doggies :-)

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