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Monthly Archives: February 2010

lola_1 35_hilton-mabie mitch 11_hilton-mabie 26_hilton-mabie 49_hilton-mabie moulder 78_hilton-mabie

  • Jess - OMG! Love those pics of the dogs and Mulder! Such good lookin’ animals!

  • Amy Mabie - These look really awesome! They are good lookin’ animals.

  • Chris - These are great, Kim! You really captured them all, they look sexy.

  • Heather - Awww…it’s Mitch! My old ankle spraining buddy! What adorable animals. Love the pics Kim!

  • aga - Fun! I would so get an enlargement for my walls of the b&w nose and the one under it, but then again, they’re all great!

  • claire - IN LOVE with those first few

  • Gina - I can’t get enough of that little Lola’s face.

  • Christine - how adooooorable!!! :) that last shot looks like the kitty’s flying! :)

  • Sarah - Oh my goodness I love the ones of the dogs, especially with their noses pointing towards the camera :)

The weather up here in Seattle has been unseasonably warm and wonderful lately.  So in honor of Global Warming, we took a little hike up Rattlesnake Ridge, just off I-90.  It’s a super beautiful hike, with an amazing view from the top.  You should really go check it out sometime.  The last few shots were taken from the top.

rattlesnakeridge RRR_tree rrr_c IMG_9662

[ all shot w/ the canon 45mm tilt shift, of course ]

  • Kat Speyer - Breathtaking, Kim! I’m loving the tilt-shift look. Lens or post-processing?

    That’s a great hike, isn’t it? I’m going to post some pics from a fall hike I took with my dad to Colchuk lake later this week. We live in an awesome place.

  • Lucas Mobley - Beautiful place Kim! I sure am looking forward to some good hikes this spring.

  • kyle hale - That last image is beautiful.

  • Christine - Kim, these are beautiful! Totally makes me miss the PNW. :( Love the angles and the colors, and especially love the T/S! :)

  • Grace - So delicious and dreamy. I want to be where you were.

  • Katie - I ADORE these! I need to rent the TS and play with it. You take amazing pictures with it!

  • Sara - These are gorgeous! I love, love, love your landscape work. You see the world in such an amazing way.

  • Jess - Love those shots Kim, TS is awesome!

  • ryan flynn - nice! such a great hike. good place for a swim, when it’s hot out.

  • Heather - Beautiful! I love the effect of the tilt shift. Your pictures make me want to go hiking!

  • Michelle G - I love rattlesnake ridge and your pictures are awesome! It’s so beautiful up there.

  • claire - holey moley that last shot is amazing! you make me want to get into the mountains asap!

  • Keri - nice!!! I might need to buy a print from you one of these days…or trade? ;-)

  • Kim Seidl - wowow. i wish i could teleport myself there right NOW. of course they’re all incredible as per usual, but that last one kills me.