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I fell in love with Lincoln before I fell in love with my husband.

A friend and I moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA. right after 9/11 to get away from the city and snowboard for the winter.  The first night in town we met two cute boys at a bar.  They invited us to a party the next evening at their house.  We were eager to make new friends, so we accepted.  Little did I know I’d fall in love that night…

We arrived fashionably late, and while we were searching the crowd for our new friends, an adorable floppy eared black puppy with feet that were seemingly too large for his body emerged through the sea of faces (or feet, really). Lincoln greeted me in the same fashion he greeted everyone for the rest of his life, with huge doggie kisses and unyielding love.  My heart burst open immediately and I completely fell in love at that moment.  I spent the evening playing with Lincoln.  Already protective of him, I kept the drunk partygoers from feeding him nachos and beer.  I also spent the evening with Casey, who little did I know at the time, would become my husband.

Casey and I spent everyday together for the next 10 years with Lincoln in tow.  We’ve been on many adventures together over the years, most of which remain my favorite memories of all time.  I could fill hundreds of pages with the things we’ve done together.  But for now, I’ll keep those precious moments to myself, I’d rather tell you a little bit about him…

Throughout those years Lincoln has eaten (and survived) more things than you can imagine.  You could say he had a passion for food and eating.  He has consumed many unusual things over the years, too many things to list. But some of my favorites include: an entire bathroom floor, a 3×4 ft. patch of wall, rat poison, a box of chocolate bars, almost an entire couch (piece by piece), the contents of our refrigerator (and politely spit the olives into a pile- the only food he doesn’t like) and all kinds of books and clothes.  If you’ve ever been to a party at our house, you’ve undoubtedly seen Lincoln nonchalantly grab some food right off your plate.  He was good at stealing food, so good that you didn’t want to punish him for it, because he’d look up at you with those innocent brown eyes and melt your heart.  My absolute favorite thing he has devoured was a box of tampons.  I came home from work to find Lincoln sitting in the window with what looked like a cigar sticking out of his mouth.  He had the goofiest of expressions on his face.  Upon closer inspection I saw that he had a tampon stuck in his mouth, sticking out in a way that made him look like George Burns puffing on a stogie. I still laugh when I think of that night…

Lincoln passed away last Friday, Aug.5th.  His passing has left a gigantic hole in our hearts; a hole that we’re not sure can ever be filled again.  We’ve never known a life together without Lincoln.  The pain has been so bad that we’ve even talked about never getting another dog.  The thought quickly passes as we remember all the joyous and downright hilarious moments we’ve had with Lincoln.  There really is no replacement for the love and laughter that a dog brings into your life.  Lincoln was a giant goofball, a people pleaser, and a lover- there wasn’t anything you could do to make him angry.  He was a great cuddler, a protector, and a constant office companion to me.  He loved everyone that came into his life, unconditionally.  (He loved you more if you gave him some sort of treat and a butt scratch)  He was a mouth-breather, an incessant snorer, a drooler, and was always underfoot in the kitchen.  The house seems so quiet and empty without him.   Pip is stepping in as head-of-household and is trying her best to keep us happy.  The 3 of us together are slowly adjusting to a life without Lincoln…

I’ve come to realize this past week that life is really just a series of miracles and tragedies and all we can hope for in this world is that the miracles are so bright and frequent and amazing that they outshine the tragedies a million times over.

You will be missed, Stinky Linky, more than you will ever know.  (Below are some old scanned photos and some of my favorite digital photos from over the years.) undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

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  • GIna - That was a beautiful tribute, Kim. I know how loved he was. Every dog should be as lucky as Lincoln to have parents like you guys. I hope your hearts heal soon.

  • Amy - I’m so sorry for your loss of dear Lincoln, Kim and Casey. August 5th was a sucky day all the way around. :(

  • Keri Pinzon - Tears in my eyes, that was so lovely, funny and heartfelt. Thank you for posting! So hard to lose a family member, time heals.

  • jen - what a beautiful post. so sorry you had to say goodbye.

  • Jess@DestinationInspirations - Kim – my heart aches for you guys right now, I know that very pain but what a beautful piece you wrote for Lincoln, thank you for sharing

  • Jenny J - I’m so sorry Kim, what a horrible loss. I’m grateful to have met him for a brief moment and have always enjoyed your images of him. I hope you’re able to get some peace. xx

  • Aluna Joy - He was all heart! We will miss him as well – Mommie

  • Nicole foster-davis - What a lovely tribute! Beautiful pictures! I wish I had done this for our beloved Sadie. After a year of her passing, I finally can stop thinking how too short her life was with us. I now am so grateful for prescence in our life. So many things you said here really speak from the heart. It’s hard to lose family..thanks for sharing;)

  • Desiree Hayes - Sooo sorry for your loss, Kim! I lost my dog on August 5th too. It’s so sad. :( Big hugs!

  • Deann B. - Oh Kim, I’m so sorry for your loss… but also so happy that you found a best friend in Lincoln and shared an amazing 10 years with him. Thank you for sharing and thank you for reminding me to hug my own pup a little tighter. xoxo

  • Bonnie Turner - Hi Kim – thank you so much for the pictures and the great memories of Lincoln. He was such a character when I knew him as a puppy and young adult.
    Lincoln and his brother, Jake, were very special animals. As young puppies, they were quite the pair – two huge black, loveable lugs of labs that thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. People couldn’t help but fall in love with them.
    they were Fric and Frac – bookends, for sure.
    Whenever I would drive down that street, Jake would start a shrill whine because he knew we were going to see Lincoln.
    Their sister, Jett, is doing well despite losing her right rear leg last summer….the legacy of our sweet, wonderful boys is with her.
    She will be here in Novemeber – I will be sure to send some photos.

  • monica - Oh no, it is so awful losing a dog. I just stumbled upon this, and your photos remind me so much of our girl Esha who we just lost this year. She was also ten and from Mammoth. I wonder if they possibly are related, even though i think maybe not. What is Lincoln’s mix?

  • aga - beautifully written, and although tears are running down my cheeks, and I feel your pain so deeply… your story of his life with you brings so much warmth to my heart.

  • Aunt Vickie - I am so sorry to hear about Lincoln, He was a Great Dog.
    I know how hard it is to lose him. All the enjoyable memory
    of him will keeep a smile on your face.
    He will be with Meiko in doggy heaven.
    He was a awesome dog.Give Casey and yourself a Big Hug.
    He will alway be your Boy.

  • Winnie Forbes - What a beautiful tribute to a loyal lifetime friend. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I’ll be playing tourist for the next couple of weeks.  Any print or album orders placed between May 9th-May 26th will be processed when I return.  I will have limited access to phone and email and will return all message as soon as I can.  Until then, enjoy these photos of my sweet Pip.  She’ll be holding down the fort while we are gone, but since she lacks opposable thumbs, her email response will be slow.  I must say she is probably the cutest dog in the world.  Ciao!

  • aga - that is just toooooooo cute!

  • kim - is it weird that i’d love to have photos of your dogs decorating my walls? these are always way too cute.

  • lucas mobley - YES!!!

  • Salomé - *Sigh. This is adorable!!! Absolutely LOVE the photographs!

  • Salomé - *Sigh.%20This%20is%20adorable!!!%20Absolutely%20LOVE%20the%20photographs!


Please note that I will be out of the office from Oct.1-Oct.19.  All print and album orders placed during that time will be processed on Oct.20th.  Thanks for your patience!  There will be TONS of new personal work to share when I get back, along with some fabulous weddings from the summer that I didn’t have time to blog about before my departure.  I will have some email access, but phone might be the best way to get  in touch with me…

Pip will be holding down the office while I’m away.

  • kim seidl - aaah! too cute!! have a wonderful time and can’t wait to see photos!!

  • kayla j - Have a great time!!! a well needed vacation!!! We will need to chat when you get back about my wedding :)

Today Lincoln and I celebrate our birthdays!!

Lincoln turns 9 , 63 in dog years- what an old geezer!  Here he is below, sporting his grey beard.  (I’d rather show his grey, than mine) :)

“Grey Beards” is one of his many nicknames, although I don’t think he likes it much.  He usually shoots me an annoyed glance when I use it.

  • Deann B. - Awww… what a sweetie. Here’s to hoping BOTH of you had a wonderful day. :)

  • Winnie Forbes Photography - A Very Happy Belated Birthday :)

  • claire - happy birthday to you + lincoln :)