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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I can’t wait for Chris + Shannon’s wedding this summer… I hope they include their little fur-balls in the festivities.  Who doesn’t love a dog in a tux? ;)  

img_0404 chrisshannon21 chrisshannon11 shannonchris31 img_0650 img_0633 img_05311

  • Deann B. - Boston Terriers + cute couple + Seattle sunshine= Totally rad session.

  • erin - Boston Terrors!!! I can say that of course because my nephew is one :) They are darling. If they are in the wedding then I’m thinking you need a second shooter :)

  • sean - greener!

  • ryan flynn - the dog’s eyes in the first one cracked me up. 2nd to last shot is great … really like the framing.

  • Jennie - WOW!!! You rocked this!! Great job! They absolutely have to blow up the second one from the bottom HUGE!!!


  • Claire - who is this little buddy?? so cute!

  • Deann B. - I request that you please send him down my way immediately. Thanks. (love that bokeh, btw!)

  • Shannon - I must say…that is one of the 2 cutest dogs in the world…but then I MAY be a little biased! (Okay, maybe he’s one of the FOUR cutest dogs in the world because yours are definitely up there!) :-) Thanks again Kim!

  • Briony - hahaha tooo cute…awesome bokeh!

  • Heather - What a cutie. I love when you post doggie pics. Who is this little guy?

  • Grace - Just dying from the cuteness Kim. Love the sparkles (dew?) in the grass.

  • James - Love. This.

When you turn your hobby into your full time job, you tend to work ALL THE TIME.  My husband is constantly telling me I should find another activity to get into since my one major hobby is my career, but nothing else excites me like photographing people + things.  I’ve tried countless other past-times; knitting, gardening, reading, painting… you get the picture.  In the end,when I have free time, I find myself working on personal photography projects. My goal during this winter’s off-season was to get together some of my personal work and actually print, frame, and show it.   I have finally accomplished this and it feels great!  It’s rewarding to see my photographs in print, framed, and hanging up somewhere, instead of taking up space on my hard drive.

I’ve put together a shopping area for people interested in viewing and/or purchasing my travel/fine art.  Although I’m not completely finished with the website, I had to rush to get something together as I have prints hanging at the Seattle Healing Arts Center as of last night.  Check them out in person if you have a chance.  All of my printing + framing are done locally at small family run businesses.  I think it’s really important to support small businesses, especially in times like these.

Without further ado, here is the link to the new site:


*10% off new orders from the Fine Art Shop through May 1st.  Enter in code: PRINTS at checkout to receive a discount.*




  • Briony - wow the bottom two are awesome

  • James Moes - Kim, this is really inspiring work: very, very nice galleries. Keep up this hobby. Makes me want to go on a road trip or two or three.

  • ch - My new hobby is loving your work….and being your favorite assistant.

  • Jess - Looks awesome, Kim!! I’ll have to pop in to Dr. Gardey’s office to check out your work!!

  • claire - wow, kim. just, WOW.
    i love them all, and they are especially powerful as a set.

    i’m still dying to see your peru photos!! you have to let me know when they’re up on your site.