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Monthly Archives: March 2010

These two were awesome, such a sweet connection.  More to come…


  • Jess - Oooh! Love love love!!

  • claire - you can totally see that connection in these. lovely :)

  • Gina - He is just the sweetest boy ever. Love these pics.

  • Keri - Beautiful! Makes me want to get a dog…seriously!

  • Lori - Just beautiful my Love!! What a great idea to have photos taken!

  • marybeth - More! please!

  • Christine - That is GOOOORGEOUS Kim!!! :) Beautiful shots and loving the way you use your t/s. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jenny J - these colors are incredible. perfect moments too.

I had the honor of meeting adorable Evangeline.  Just over 3 weeks old, and already has her own little personality.

It blows my mind that we were all this small at one point in time…

evangeline IMG_0705 IMG_0810 e

  • kayla j - Kim, These are great!!! love the lighting. You always find the good light.

  • Gina - This just made my day. I knew you would take some amazing picures. I love the one with her wearing the hat! Totally awesome.

  • Jess - Ah, Evangeline is adorable! Love them all, but my favorite is the one where she is relaxing with her cap on:)

My niece, Ellie, turned one this past weekend.  I can’t believe how fast her first year has gone!  She got after that cupcake like nobody’s business.  The girl knows how to put down some cake!  After the candle went out, things escalated quickly, as you can see.

I miss the days when smearing cake all over your face was part of the birthday celebration.  I might try to incorporate it somehow in my upcoming birthday…

31_ellie_firstbday ellie

  • erin - I’ll pay good money for some Kim/Cupcake/Messy Face shots!

  • Deann B. - Love that last shot… You’ll be able to recreate that on your day, right??

  • Heather - Cute pictures! I’ll make you some cupcakes if you promise to smear one on your face like Ellie.

  • Jenny J - Go Ellie! Love that she managed to spread it in her hair. The girl is a pro. I wish I could get away with eating cupcakes like that.