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If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with my dog, Pip.

Since getting my iphone, I have taken an embarrassing amount of  pictures of her doing lots of things, all of them really adorable in my opinion.  Pip is my canine soul mate; she just gets me, and I get her.   She supplies me with endless amounts of love + laughs everyday.

(She actually might be the cutest, smartest dog in the world!)


*all photos taken w/ the iPhone 3GS and processed with the Shake It app*

  • Morgan Grosz - Kim my dogs are my buddy too. They make me laugh all the time. Since moving down to Napa I have been taking pictures of them. I will try to share them with you some time.

  • jen - she may just be! i have an obsessive amount of iphone pic of my new babe. thinking that i may just have to make a iphone pic book every year. wouldn’t that be lovely?

  • Sara - Kim, I love these – your baby Pip is so very precious! From the looks on her face it’s plain as day to see that she loves you just as much! :)

  • Heather - Those are great! Love the ones of Pip and Meows together….and that one of Pip hugging the pillow is the best! Makes me want an iPhone just so I can take pictures like that of my guys…okay, maybe not quite like that since you’re a pro!

  • Claire - goodness, i love this collection of images. you need to put these up somewhere!

  • Deann B. - Ahhhh! I love them!

  • Aimt Vickie - Dogs are the greatest. Pip is very cute. Looks like Lincoln is enjoying the water also. Hart also loves the water.

  • Kelly - I think Pip might be as cute as Pickle……maybe!?! I Love You Sissy!

  • Michelle - Oh, I do love the middle row, middle. Pip is getting a kiss :) Pip is adorable!

  • Michelle - Oh, I do love the second row, middle. Pip is getting a kiss :) Pip is adorable!

  • Amanda Richelle Caines - These are so cute that I may agree that you have the third most awesome pup in the world. Sorry, my boys are 1 and 2. And I, too, have way too many iphone shots of them.

I’ve been photographing a ton of dogs lately, which I LOVE!  The more slobber, the better.  Busy wedding season doesn’t really start for me until June, so I’ll keep on getting dirty with the pooches until then.

Here are a few more from Paula + Dozer’s shoot.  I love theses guys. :)

dozer 066_bates 095_bates 071_bates 101_bates 112_bates dozwe1 094_bates dozer3 104_bates 160_bates

  • Renee - AWWW! This session totally made me melt. What an adorable pair. The light feels perfect in every photo!

  • Chris - These are great! We totally want to have you back to take photos of Lola and Doug. Doug needs to gain a few pounds, so probably after your busy wedding season.

  • Jess - Love these photos Kim! Paula looks beautiful, as usual, and Dozer? Most adorable dog ever. His face is just too much.

  • Christine - these are pretty dang sweet… love your take on portraits – very very cool. :)

  • kayla j - Kim..these make me want a dog :) you are an amazing photographer. keep up the great work..(have a contest)

  • Kim Seidl - you make me want to do pet photography. and get a pet! love love love!

  • Lauren Zamora - What a cute dog! Great pics as usual Kim:)

  • Jenny J - I just love this shoot. Still can’t get that earlier post from this session out of my head. So freakin good.

  • Ali Walker - That dog is awesome. A Mastiff?

  • Ali Walker - Ah, you just rocked it. These are fabulous images.

Don’t you want to just squeeze this guy?  He couldn’t help striking a few poses in the breeze while I was photographing his human.  I want a Newfie, bad!


  • Jess - OMG! This guys is a dreamboat!

  • Marybeth - who is this guy! i need him.

  • katie clay - My newfie loves the wind too! They are the funniest dogs.

  • Heather - Cute! The one with his eyes closed cracks me up.

  • kathie heidenreich - I am a fellow dog lover. What great photos!


  • Lena - Growing up we always had a newfie. They are the best dogs ever!

These two were awesome, such a sweet connection.  More to come…


  • Jess - Oooh! Love love love!!

  • claire - you can totally see that connection in these. lovely :)

  • Gina - He is just the sweetest boy ever. Love these pics.

  • Keri - Beautiful! Makes me want to get a dog…seriously!

  • Lori - Just beautiful my Love!! What a great idea to have photos taken!

  • marybeth - More! please!

  • Christine - That is GOOOORGEOUS Kim!!! :) Beautiful shots and loving the way you use your t/s. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jenny J - these colors are incredible. perfect moments too.

lola_1 35_hilton-mabie mitch 11_hilton-mabie 26_hilton-mabie 49_hilton-mabie moulder 78_hilton-mabie

  • Jess - OMG! Love those pics of the dogs and Mulder! Such good lookin’ animals!

  • Amy Mabie - These look really awesome! They are good lookin’ animals.

  • Chris - These are great, Kim! You really captured them all, they look sexy.

  • Heather - Awww…it’s Mitch! My old ankle spraining buddy! What adorable animals. Love the pics Kim!

  • aga - Fun! I would so get an enlargement for my walls of the b&w nose and the one under it, but then again, they’re all great!

  • claire - IN LOVE with those first few

  • Gina - I can’t get enough of that little Lola’s face.

  • Christine - how adooooorable!!! :) that last shot looks like the kitty’s flying! :)

  • Sarah - Oh my goodness I love the ones of the dogs, especially with their noses pointing towards the camera :)