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this is what happens when you don’t make your bed

caught in the act this afternoon…

img_4327 img_4316 img_4349

  • kayla - lol…love it!! I wish I was in bed at the much work to be done. Yeah for wedding season.

  • Heather - MS. MEOWS!!!! I love it. She doesn’t make a blog appearance very often but when she does, she makes it count. I love that they love each other. So cute. That’s a great picture of Pip and the censor too. Funny.

  • Deann B. - Busted! Haha… seriously, scoot over, kids. That bed looks comfy.

  • Jess - So happy to see Ms. Meows cuddling with Pip. Usually Pip has her mouth wrapped around Meows when I’m around. Adorable!

  • Tova - I wish I could get this nice of pictures of my cat lol

  • Keri - hahahaha! those are great pics. love the last one especially!

  • Melissa - These are the cutest! Made a very rainy morning a little brighter!

  • Kat Speyer - Some days I come home from work and I swear my cat is in the same place I left him. :D

  • ryan flynn - hahahaha. the censored shot is awesome.

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