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I envy the photographers who can pull off some good pregnancy photos.  This isn’t something I do a lot of… and it was challenging to find ways to creatively show off that baby bump.  Really, the only way to properly see it was from the side, from any other angle it just looked like a wide belly.  So I concentrated on making some environmental portraits of Jamie and the soon to be Ellie.  (My next newest niece)  Yes, that brings the count up to 3 nephews + 2 nieces.  I’m excited to meet the new little one, who is expected in the next 6 weeks.  

I experimented with a little bit of texture in a few of these… I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I like how it looks, but my gut instinct says that it’s something that might go out of style.  Anyway, we caught a little sun and I was so greatful!  I feel like I’ve been stuck in this cloud of gray for the last two months.  Well, I guess I have been stuck in a cloud of gray, I live in Seattle.  Any sun I can get at this point is greatly appreciated, I’m even willing to drive an hour north out of the fog.  These were taken at a park at the base of Deception Pass, WA. 

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  • melia - That second set of frames is especially stunning! I share your concerns about textures, certainly, but your application is subtle and beautiful. I think when one looks at an image and immediately sees ‘texture’ (and it’s file name comes to mind!) those images are already looking very 2007. Your handling enhances without coming close to the danger zone.

  • Keri P. - The first six or so images are stunning. I wish I knew you when I was pregnant. I never had any pro photo’s done because i always hated how cheesy they looked. it’s a very difficult thing to do well, but you did it amazingly. i especiall love the first 2 what an amazing environment. (Getty would love these I bet!)

  • Kim Seidl - gorgeous, kim!

  • claire - kim, these are wonderful! i agree – maternity photos are so hard to do, but i think you did an awesome job. and i think these are just about the least likely to go out of style – there is something timeless about them that’s just great

  • Deann B. - AHHHH! Kim these are fantastic! You have such a way with light… it comes across so soft and perfect here. Great, great images.

  • alison conklin - i love these. they are beautiful. the first set are my personal favorites.

  • Grace - These are just gorgeous. I have a photo shoot this weekend with 2 dogs and a mommy with a big baby bump… these are very inspirational!

  • fer juaristi - wow! great session, love the epic feeling in this series.

  • Briony - what camera and lens do you use? i love these…i am looking to do a pregnancy session soon and i don’t have any experience in that area, just lots of ideas and things i’ve read…if you have any advice I’d love to hear it :)

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