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International Awarding Winning? Yes please!


It’s official, people.  I’m tooting my own horn!  I have finally won a WPJA award!!  I’ve been a member for 3 years, and I enter the contest religiously.  Each time the results come out, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t win, and then immediately blown away by all the inspiring photographs that placed in the contest.  The competition is fierce!  There are so many amazing photographers who are a part of the WPJA and it’s an honor to place among the great!!! (Finally!) ;)  Check out all the winners HERE.  Okay, back to my blog break… website should be done this weekend. 

Third place, from Valerie +Jeff’s wedding this summer:

and the original

  • Deann B. - Congrats, Kim! That’s fantastic!!

  • Jess - Awesome Kim!! You rock!!

  • Kim Seidl - yayayayay! you totally deserve it!! it’s a great shot- so i’ll toot your horn for ya. (wait, that sounds a little dirty..)

  • erin - So very well deserved. I was just saying to the last person I sent your way that any photographer who can shoot in the fog and make it look amazing is VERY good. Their wedding images are some of my favorite around. So awesome! Love, your biggest fan :0

  • sean - woot woot! congrats, kim!

  • claire - CONGRATS!!!

  • Gina - Congrats Kim! Well deserved.

  • Kaijsa - Hey, go you! It’s a gorgeous photo and the prize is well-deserved!

  • Heather - Congratulations!! It’s a great photo and you totally deserve it!

  • Your mommie - My daughter is so amazing and talented and I am so proud of her! She thinks I say this because I am her mother. She is wrong! Her talent is no surprise to me. I knew it was there all along.

  • kayla - Kim…you are amazing. I am so happy to have you as a colleuge and friend. keep up the great work!!!!!

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