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Greg & Brooke [7.12.08]

Because of their love for the mountains, Greg & Brooke picked the perfect location for their marriage; The TImberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon. When I first booked this wedding, I was so excited. I had never been to Mt. Hood before, and I couldn’t wait to get there. I was blown away by the beauty of the mountain and amazed at how much snow was still on the ground! (I should have brought my snowboard!) Casey and I met in the mountains, so the outdoors holds a special place in our hearts too.

Speaking of Casey, I convinced him to come as my assistant. He has always been into photography, but has never photographed a wedding with me. He was the PERFECT assistant! He did a fantastic job! It was great to show him what I do and to have him along. He was so pumped at the end of the night. He kept bouncing business ideas off me and asking when he could help next. I really have to thank Greg & Brooke for his excitement. They were so welcoming and awesome to work with!! Does someone smell a husband and wife team cooking?

Greg & Brooke, you guys were amazing, and I know you will have a long and happy marriage! Thanks for having us!

[ Guests of Greg & Brooke’s wedding can go [ HERE ] and register to see their photos. ]

The wedding party was a blast…

And some were rockin’ some serious fashion-

Below are Casey’s photos- and him in action (or contemplating action) Check that out!

  • Jess - You guys make a great team! Love the photos!

  • c note - Serious fun. Love the photos sweets.

  • Keri Pinzon - Awesome!!! You always find the perfect and funny moments!

  • sean - awesome! i’m so proud of casey!!!!

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