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Doggie Love

I was in need of some major Pip + Lincoln time today. Lincoln gave me his best “blue steel” and Pip just wanted more peanut butter.

  • Kathy - so cute!

  • erin - Puppies!!! Top middle is the BEST look. They are so gorgeous.

  • claire - YAY for some puppy photos!!!

  • Heather - So cute! I love when you post dog pictures. My favorite! You always get such good shots of them too! Love that top one of Lincoln and the one of Pippy with peanut butter on her mouth.

  • Jess - Ah, my two favorite dogs! Love Pip’s adorable snout, and Lincoln’s “sad” eyes.

  • Kim - ridiculously cute.

Couch Potatoes

After sitting in my office for the better portion of the day, I realized my furry little friends were not at my feet like they usually are. In our house, quiet dogs=trouble. They are “curious” dogs, and get into everything and anything they can. Lincoln will eat just about anything (except olives) and Pip will torture Miss Meows (who refuses to be photographed for my silly little human blog) until she’s at her breaking point. I decided to investigate. (Plus, I needed some doggie kisses)

I snuck downstairs to find two of the laziest dogs ever. They hardly looked up at me as I entered the room. Oh- so sorry to interrupt!

  • Heather - So cute!! I’m such a sucker for dog pictures and those are some great ones of Lincoln and Pip! My favorite is Lincoln resting his head on the pillow with one eye closed. Good stuff. I think I need you to take more pictures of Blue.

  • Jess - Ah!! I miss those guys! I miss Lincoln’s adorable “sad” face, and the way Pip crosses her paws when she lays down. Give them hugs for me!

  • Laurie Luck, CPDT - Love the Labs! I have two myself: Tango (yellow) and Lily (female). They are couch lovers, too. Great shots. :)

  • Your Mommie - Yeap! Your dogs are cute — and you get reaaly fun photos of them…. but my pups are way more cute! : )
    Love from your Mommie

  • c note - THIS is what goes on while I’m at work. I knew it. I’m biased but I think this is great work. Lots of personality. The yellow dog may have too much.

  • jme - You need to keep these handy for feeling the love the next time there’s a linoleum/rat bait/dog kennel eating incident….

  • Erin - Ohhhhhh the babies. Miss Gracie ‘hugs’ the pillow as well. She can’t sleep without one!