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Today Lincoln and I celebrate our birthdays!!

Lincoln turns 9 , 63 in dog years- what an old geezer!  Here he is below, sporting his grey beard.  (I’d rather show his grey, than mine) :)

“Grey Beards” is one of his many nicknames, although I don’t think he likes it much.  He usually shoots me an annoyed glance when I use it.

  • Deann B. - Awww… what a sweetie. Here’s to hoping BOTH of you had a wonderful day. :)

  • Winnie Forbes Photography - A Very Happy Belated Birthday :)

  • claire - happy birthday to you + lincoln :)

If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with my dog, Pip.

Since getting my iphone, I have taken an embarrassing amount of  pictures of her doing lots of things, all of them really adorable in my opinion.  Pip is my canine soul mate; she just gets me, and I get her.   She supplies me with endless amounts of love + laughs everyday.

(She actually might be the cutest, smartest dog in the world!)


*all photos taken w/ the iPhone 3GS and processed with the Shake It app*

  • Morgan Grosz - Kim my dogs are my buddy too. They make me laugh all the time. Since moving down to Napa I have been taking pictures of them. I will try to share them with you some time.

  • jen - she may just be! i have an obsessive amount of iphone pic of my new babe. thinking that i may just have to make a iphone pic book every year. wouldn’t that be lovely?

  • Sara - Kim, I love these – your baby Pip is so very precious! From the looks on her face it’s plain as day to see that she loves you just as much! :)

  • Heather - Those are great! Love the ones of Pip and Meows together….and that one of Pip hugging the pillow is the best! Makes me want an iPhone just so I can take pictures like that of my guys…okay, maybe not quite like that since you’re a pro!

  • Claire - goodness, i love this collection of images. you need to put these up somewhere!

  • Deann B. - Ahhhh! I love them!

  • Aimt Vickie - Dogs are the greatest. Pip is very cute. Looks like Lincoln is enjoying the water also. Hart also loves the water.

  • Kelly - I think Pip might be as cute as Pickle……maybe!?! I Love You Sissy!

  • Michelle - Oh, I do love the middle row, middle. Pip is getting a kiss :) Pip is adorable!

  • Michelle - Oh, I do love the second row, middle. Pip is getting a kiss :) Pip is adorable!

  • Amanda Richelle Caines - These are so cute that I may agree that you have the third most awesome pup in the world. Sorry, my boys are 1 and 2. And I, too, have way too many iphone shots of them.

My niece, Ellie, turned one this past weekend.  I can’t believe how fast her first year has gone!  She got after that cupcake like nobody’s business.  The girl knows how to put down some cake!  After the candle went out, things escalated quickly, as you can see.

I miss the days when smearing cake all over your face was part of the birthday celebration.  I might try to incorporate it somehow in my upcoming birthday…

31_ellie_firstbday ellie

  • erin - I’ll pay good money for some Kim/Cupcake/Messy Face shots!

  • Deann B. - Love that last shot… You’ll be able to recreate that on your day, right??

  • Heather - Cute pictures! I’ll make you some cupcakes if you promise to smear one on your face like Ellie.

  • Jenny J - Go Ellie! Love that she managed to spread it in her hair. The girl is a pro. I wish I could get away with eating cupcakes like that.

If I’m being honest with you, and with myself, 2009 was a blur. I spent the better half of my morning reflecting on the past year, and all of it’s up’s and down’s.  I realized that I focused most (if not all) of my energy on my business, and left my personal life on the back burner. I spent the entire year working on projects, hoping to find some time for myself at the end, and it never happened.  I love my job so much, I often forget to take time off to enjoy some of the other things in life that I really like to do.  I suppose the downfall of working for yourself is that your work becomes your life.  I’m okay with that, but there has to be a balance.

I’ve decided that my goal for the new year is simply this: take time for myself, live in the moment, + enjoy the small things. (Oh, and um, burn off those holiday cookies.) I know it sounds cliche’, but it’s truly what I’m going to focus on in 2010. Finding that balance between work + play will be hard for me this year, but I feel up to the challenge.

Ferris Buller put it in words better than I ever could: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I’m so excited for this upcoming year!  I’ve got some amazing weddings lined up, a new website on the way, and some vacations in the works.  Thank you to all my lovely clients! I’m so thankful that I get to continue doing what I love to do.  I’m so blessed!

Happy New Year! Here’s to an unforgettable 2010!!


  • Connie Petersen - Kim, your photography continues to amaze and delight me. Best wishes to you in 2010 — may all your dreams come true. Much love. Aunt Connie

  • Keri - Yes! You have an amazing talent Kim, but if you don’t take time to refill the cup, you won’t have anything to pour out. “The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda

  • claire - happy 2010, kim! i hear what you’re saying about the work/play balance…that’s a tough one. can’t wait to see all of your work this year!

  • Kat Speyer - Happy New Year! Looking forward to meeting you soon. :)

Lincoln + Pip go big for Halloween, dressed as their favorite celebrity.  Any guesses on who they are?

pips links

  • Dennis Bullock - Flavor Flav and Pam Anderson?

    They are so awesome…we will probably catch them on TMZ later!

  • Jess - Flava Flaaaaaaav! Yeah, Lincoln is definitely Flavor Flav. And Pip? Britney Spears? Anna Kornikova? Pam Anderson? Who cares! She looks awesome!

  • Gina - Great costumes, but seriously how did you get them to keep that stuff on and hold still? My dogs would never.

  • Heather - Awesome costumes! I love it. I’m finding it seriously hard to look at Pip though…it’s a little disturbing. Lincoln is hilarious! How long did you get them to stay in costume?

  • claire - oh my gosh…i’m not even going to hazard a guess about who they are; but i don’t care. they look FABULOUS; especially pip. i want to borrow her wig!!

  • Shannon - I LOVE THEM!! That is too funny and I’m so impressed w/ their ability to sit still!!! I wish mine would do that!

  • erin - It just makes you want to scream FLAVA FLAAAAAVVVVVV!

  • Jenny J - oh. my. love.

  • Kate - every time I look at this I end up crying with laughter. too freakin’ funny!!!!