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Monthly Archives: July 2009

I don’t believe there is anything better in this world than a dog in a bow tie.  If I’m wrong, I don’t want to be right.

jc2 jc

Jackson + Cooper; Dog Models Extraordinaire.  Federal Way, WA.

  • Lucas Mobley - Haha, very nice! More people should involve their pets in their weddings.

  • Jess Kamm - I am in LOVE with these images!!

  • josh solar - That is absolutely adorable!

  • claire - you’re definitely right; there is really nothing better. i adore these!

  • Jan - You are so right! LOVE THEM!

  • kayla - they are perfect!!! gosh..dogs with some personality and bow ties to match!!

  • Heather - What dapper little dogs! Dogs should wear bow ties more often. Great shots Kim!

  • Jennie - ohhh my gosh. best thing ever!!

  • Shannon - Oh my goodness!! Too stinkin cute! I love these! I’ve been so busy with the honeymoon/moving that I’ve totally forgotten to check your blog ’til now! Now I’m super pumped to see more! Thanks again kim!!!!!

Back from a week long trip of camping, hiking, and having fun!  I’m feeling refreshed and ready to work!

Lots of stuff to catch up on, more photos soon…


Second Beach.  La Push, WA.

  • Heather - Beautiful! Did you happen to take a tour of Forks while you were there? ;)

  • James - Great shot. Camping on the beach in La Push is so great.

  • Briony - what an awesome shot! makes me want to go watch Twilight ;)

  • Jess - La Push, baby. It’s La Push.

  • ryan flynn - amazing shot…

  • Keri Pinzon - I love Second Beach. beautiful photo!

  • jen - freakin’ gorgeous image.

  • claire - you are a master with that lens!

  • Grace - So gorgeous and Twilighty :)

  • c - Awesome shot, Sweets. Lets go back.