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The product store is updated and ready for 2009 wedding + portrait clients!  I’ve added some new features including gift registry + payment options.  

Click [ HERE ] to view and/or purchase the new products that were on the blog this past week and to see the new features of the shop.

Here is a peek at the online store:


In other news, I’ve also recently joined The Swip.  It’s a collaborative of Seattle wedding industry professionals who share a meeting space near Greenlake in Seattle.  Check out the new space:

untitled-1 products

Make an appointment (if you haven’t already been) to check it out in person!

  • Kim Seidl - AAAH! *LOVE!* i want to eat EVERYTHING!

  • Deann B. - Wow… you’ve been busy! Everything looks so fantastic – I know all your hard work is going to pay off. Congrats!!

  • sean - so legit

  • noelle - very cool!

  • Heather - Looks great! Especially with some of your stuff in it!

  • Ricky Chan - Hi Kim,

    I see our ablum there!!! Thanks for sharing it!! I love your pictures!!!!!

    We will stop by sometime to see you!


  • kayla - Everything looks amazing…and i love that you put your shoes in one of the photos. :) I want to make an appt to come and see it!!

  • Keri Pinzon - Your meeting space is awesome! Looks like you have been busy lately, good for you.

  • Bri - Awesome space! :)

When you turn your hobby into your full time job, you tend to work ALL THE TIME.  My husband is constantly telling me I should find another activity to get into since my one major hobby is my career, but nothing else excites me like photographing people + things.  I’ve tried countless other past-times; knitting, gardening, reading, painting… you get the picture.  In the end,when I have free time, I find myself working on personal photography projects. My goal during this winter’s off-season was to get together some of my personal work and actually print, frame, and show it.   I have finally accomplished this and it feels great!  It’s rewarding to see my photographs in print, framed, and hanging up somewhere, instead of taking up space on my hard drive.

I’ve put together a shopping area for people interested in viewing and/or purchasing my travel/fine art.  Although I’m not completely finished with the website, I had to rush to get something together as I have prints hanging at the Seattle Healing Arts Center as of last night.  Check them out in person if you have a chance.  All of my printing + framing are done locally at small family run businesses.  I think it’s really important to support small businesses, especially in times like these.

Without further ado, here is the link to the new site:


*10% off new orders from the Fine Art Shop through May 1st.  Enter in code: PRINTS at checkout to receive a discount.*




  • Briony - wow the bottom two are awesome

  • James Moes - Kim, this is really inspiring work: very, very nice galleries. Keep up this hobby. Makes me want to go on a road trip or two or three.

  • ch - My new hobby is loving your work….and being your favorite assistant.

  • Jess - Looks awesome, Kim!! I’ll have to pop in to Dr. Gardey’s office to check out your work!!

  • claire - wow, kim. just, WOW.
    i love them all, and they are especially powerful as a set.

    i’m still dying to see your peru photos!! you have to let me know when they’re up on your site.

Looks like another image from Jeff + Valerie’s wedding this past summer won me 4th place in the fourth quarter contest over at the ISPWP.  This was one of my favorite images of 2008 and I’m super excited it placed in the competition.  :)

Check out all the winners HERE.


  • James - Big congrats!

  • Heather - Congratulations Kim! I love this picture.

  • Kim Seidl - whoohoo! congrats! this is an awesome shot and such unique conditions.

  • Gina - You Rock!

  • claire - congrats kim! :)

Hello all!

It’s recently been brought to my attention that emails weren’t getting through to me via my contact form on my website and blog.  If you have emailed me recently, and have not heard back, please try again.  Or you can call me directly at 425 941 9734.  I always answer emails within 24 hours.  I promise I’m not ignoring you, my web server is just being a pain.

Darn you technology!!

Well, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Truthfully I didn’t bleed, sweat, or cry (ok, maybe a little bit) but I did pour a ton of work into it… I had to cut myself off at some point, I could have worked on this for months. I will add more galleries at some point soon… but after Christmas. I want to enjoy my favorite time of the year a little bit. :)

So here it is, the brand new website!!!

  • Kim Seidl - it’s gorgeous!! i loves it! great job, kim!!!

  • claire - it is wonderful!!

    who did you use for your site??

  • Deann B. - I meant to drop you a note a few days ago and let you know that your new site looks great! I *love* those images you used for your splash… they are some of my all-time favorite of your work. I can’t wait until you get the other site going too!