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caught in the act this afternoon…

img_4327 img_4316 img_4349

  • kayla - lol…love it!! I wish I was in bed at the much work to be done. Yeah for wedding season.

  • Heather - MS. MEOWS!!!! I love it. She doesn’t make a blog appearance very often but when she does, she makes it count. I love that they love each other. So cute. That’s a great picture of Pip and the censor too. Funny.

  • Deann B. - Busted! Haha… seriously, scoot over, kids. That bed looks comfy.

  • Jess - So happy to see Ms. Meows cuddling with Pip. Usually Pip has her mouth wrapped around Meows when I’m around. Adorable!

  • Tova - I wish I could get this nice of pictures of my cat lol

  • Keri - hahahaha! those are great pics. love the last one especially!

  • Melissa - These are the cutest! Made a very rainy morning a little brighter!

  • Kat Speyer - Some days I come home from work and I swear my cat is in the same place I left him. :D

  • ryan flynn - hahahaha. the censored shot is awesome.

Chris + Shannon got married at their church in Federal Way a few weeks back.  Their wedding was full of cute details, hyper puppies, and fun friends.  I really think that everyone should involve their pets somehow in their wedding.  They are a part of the family, right? :)

On a side note, I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from some sort of heat stroke.  It’s so hot up here in the PNW that I feel like I will spontaneously combust at any moment.  That being said, I have lots of weddings to edit, and tons of photos to blog.  The work must continue, although, after I finish this post, I’m heading out for a few days to hang out on the water.  If I don’t respond to your emails right away, it’s because I’m bobbing in the water somewhere in the Puget Sound.  I can’t torture myself in this office any longer.

Congrats to the newlyweds!!

green4 green3 green5 green13 green12 green11 green17 green6 green14 green16 green15 green1 green2 green9 green18 green10 green8 green19 green7

  • gabe - nailed it!

  • Keri Pinzon - Beautiful, I especially love the third photo down, the portrait of the bride with all the bridesmaids, it’s stunning! Nice use of T/S.

  • Cheryl - These are stunning Kim, I especially love the groomsmen shot. I am enjoying my imaginations of your head bobbing out on the Sound. Have a fun vacation!

  • James - Beauty.

  • Shannon - Kim-I LOVE them! My stupid phone is only showing half of them though! Now I cannot wait for the cable guy to come tomorrow so I can have the real Internet!! Again-thanks for everything! I couldn’t be happier! Have fun In the sound!

I don’t believe there is anything better in this world than a dog in a bow tie.  If I’m wrong, I don’t want to be right.

jc2 jc

Jackson + Cooper; Dog Models Extraordinaire.  Federal Way, WA.

  • Lucas Mobley - Haha, very nice! More people should involve their pets in their weddings.

  • Jess Kamm - I am in LOVE with these images!!

  • josh solar - That is absolutely adorable!

  • claire - you’re definitely right; there is really nothing better. i adore these!

  • Jan - You are so right! LOVE THEM!

  • kayla - they are perfect!!! gosh..dogs with some personality and bow ties to match!!

  • Heather - What dapper little dogs! Dogs should wear bow ties more often. Great shots Kim!

  • Jennie - ohhh my gosh. best thing ever!!

  • Shannon - Oh my goodness!! Too stinkin cute! I love these! I’ve been so busy with the honeymoon/moving that I’ve totally forgotten to check your blog ’til now! Now I’m super pumped to see more! Thanks again kim!!!!!

Lincoln reminded me this morning that he hasn’t been on the blog in awhile, and insisted that I take a few shots to post.  (he also said something under his breath about licking me to death if I didn’t, but I’m not sure if he meant it)

img_9111 img_9119 img_9125

  • Jess - Ah, I love that dog! He’s starting to look old these days, and wise:)

  • claire - that first photo is seriously fabulous!

  • Heather - Oh, he looks so handsome! That first one is my favorite.

  • Gina - There would be no better way to die. Licked with love.

  • Kate - LOVES!! I am such a sappy sucker …

  • Corey - Is Lincoln losing weight? He looks so svelte!

  • c - He’s my special boy. -sniff-

  • Jan - Oh he is so CUTE! Love the nose shots.

    Jan (Corey W.’s cousin in Illinois)

Percy brought the cuteness to his first official photo shoot.  Check out his new BLOG.  

percy 50_percy percy1 percy4 percy8 06_percy percy2

  • sean flanigan - i’m going to steal him

  • Briony - oh my goodness….i want one!

  • casey - OMG!!! That is the most adorable dog EVER! I just want to squeeze his little behind and give him kisses!!

  • Amy - I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with these photos. You are so talented Kim and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

  • Jess - Love love love these photos, Kim!!! Makes me want to go out and immediately get a puppy.

  • Claire - OH MY GOD. these are too cute for words. i cannot get over how adorable that puppy is, but more than that–your shots are just unbelievable. i love, love, love the converse shot.

  • Keri Pinzon - I want that puppy!

  • Heather - Percy is soooo cute! What a sweet little face. Love the pics Kim!!